Hartley Wintney, along with the adjoining parishes of Rotherwick, Heckfield, Winchfield and Mattingley, is twinned with St Savin in France and Malle in Belgium. Malle is also twinned with St Savin. To mark 50 years of this latter association, the people of Malle are organising a celebration of twinning and they have invited all their twinning partners to join them in this. This celebration is entitled The Golden Bridge Project and it is one of only eleven such proposals to be approved and supported by the EU.
The Project features five strands and we want as many people and organisations as possible to get involved.
Environment – The Greening Campaign is an initiative designed to engage the local community to respond to climate change. Put simply, the campaign aims to encourage and support local people and businesses to take easy and straightforward steps to reduce energy consumption and waste. Ten simple challenges are chosen and distributed on a Greening card to all households, businesses and local organisations and, once completed, the cards are displayed and the total reduction in emissions is calculated for the community.

Music - the challenge is to collaborate with our twinning partners to create a Twinning Hymn. The Hymn is based on a chorus already composed by our partners in Malle and it is the intention that each twinning community will compose music and words telling a story about their locale.  The chorus will be the ‘glue’ that joins the piece together. The final work will be performed at the European Parliament in May 2010, involving musicians from all the contributors. We will select one or more organization or group to compose the contribution from Hartley Wintney. 
Heritage - with the help of young and old this strand aims to produce two small story books for children aged about 10. Two cartoon characters called Twin and Twan will feature in local stories about the past. Recollections can be from local historians or from the memories of our older citizens. Have you anything to contribute - memories, pictures, interest in writing or history?
Art - this is open to all who live, work or study in Hartley Wintney and the twinned parishes, and collaborative contributions from local organisations and schools are very welcome. All forms of art will be accepted and there is no theme so the subject can be anything you like. The aim is to select five pieces created by the people of Hartley Wintney. The rules and entry form can be found on this website and the closing date for entries is dd mmm yyyy.
Digital Photography – this is also open to everyone who lives, works or attends school in Hartley Wintney and the twinned parishes. All you need is a digital camera and an eye for a good photo. The theme for the pictures is ‘My Village’ and the subject can be anything you like – such as people, buildings, events, nature or scenery. The aim is to select forty pictures taken by the people of Hartley Wintney. The rules and entry form can be found on this website and the closing date for entries is dd mmm yyyy.
The forty photographs chosen to represent Hartley Wintney will be added to those created by the other communities, and from these the best 100 photos will be chosen. These photos; the works of art submitted by all five communities; and the output from the heritage, environment and music strands will all feature in  an exciting exhibition to be held in Malle in September 2010. This exhibition will also visit each of the communities with which Malle is twinned, including Heusenstamm in Germany and Zakrzowek in Poland. The exhibition will visit Hartley Wintney in 2011.
The strand managers can all be contacted by email via goldenbridge@hwta.org.uk or:
Environment                           Cathy Roberts           01252 8444813
Music                                      Steve Sharpe            01252
Heritage                                 Gerda Bennett           01252 842790
Art and Culture                      Sue Skellern              01252 842394
Digital Photography              Dave Skellern             01252 842394